Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

When preparing for a journey into another country, many people express concerns regarding personal or property safety. A foreign country, while full of inspiring sights and new places to explore, can often disadvantage travelers when it comes to staying safe. Please refer to this list before embarking on your expedition.

  1. Protect your medication: If lost, stolen, or ruined, prescription medication can be extremely difficult to replace in a foreign country. For this reason, always pack it in your carry on bag rather than checked luggage. As a backup, consider bringing a prescription for your medicine with you, just in case!
  2. Purchase Travel Insurance: Anything from broken limbs to lost bags, travel insurance has your back. You can't put a price on piece of mind. Tom Golden Travel highly recommends Allianz Travel Insurance. 
  3. Hold on to your electronics: Sometimes thieves like to snatch them out of a pocket, or even a hand, and then sprint away. Make sure to keep a watchful eye on your phone, tablet, or bag with other valuables. Be sure to hold on tight. 
  4. Take pictures of important documents: We often bring our cameras to catch the beautiful scenery. However, taking a picture of your drivers license and passport with your phone means that you can always have your ID with you in case you lose your wallet.
  5. Stay informed: Know where you are going ahead of time and look up any emergency numbers that may be useful (not always 911).
  6. Leave copies of your passport at home: Again, in case of a lost bag or misplaced wallet, leave a copy of your passport with a friend or loved one. This practice will make it much easier to work with a local government or US Embassy. 
  7. Dress right: Do everything you can to avoid standing out as a tourist, as this makes you even more of a target for thieves. In short, dress for the country you are visiting and never wear fanny packs.  


I hope you find this list helpful as you prepare for your adventure abroad! Bon voyage!

Tom Golden 

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